Monday, January 30, 2012

Omnientheogenic Bliss

Intelligent Autopoiesis & Spiritual Constructivism

"Intelligence organizes the world by organizing itself." - Jean Piaget in "La construction du rĂ©el chez l'enfant" (1937)

I would like to start a discussion on two subjects that seem abstract, and are yet among the most important and 'thought about' aspects of our human existence.  

Happiness & Divinity

And, to make things more interesting, I will approach these subjects from an epistemological standpoint... without treading overmuch into solipsism or mental masturbation.  That is the idea anyway.

Let us get our semantics out of the way up front.  This discussion will revolve around such ubiquitous concepts as reality, consciousness, and intelligence.  The fact that these words seem to have fairly established definitions obscures the truism that these are some of our most intangible and ephemeral conceptions.  

The truth is we have no concrete explanations for these most basic elements of our existence.  Humanity is actually at a loss to even come up with a universally agreed upon understanding of these fundamental pillars of all we know, can know, or can even conceive of.

Luckily, there is a single concept which ties all of this together that is much easier to agree upon terminology-wise.  


The ability to bring new things into existence.  The outward expression of novelty.

This activity is the primary aspect of what we consider to be divine... as well as the activity which I propose is the essential ingredient in happiness.    

People tend to think:

'If I just work a little harder and save some more money, then sometime in the future I can maybe buy something that might make me happy...'  

This is crazy.

Happiness is not something that is conditional.  You are, or you are not... in the moment.

You can choose to be happy in any moment... for no reason.  You don't have to have any cause for your happiness.  You can just tap into the fundamental nature of your being... which is pure joy and bliss... pure creative love... and just be happy.   

This is because we are all part of this divinity we so dearly crave.  We are truly made in its image.

Let's take a few strides back and present the big picture here.

The biggest picture possible, actually.  Literally the sum total of all & everything.

If you can step back in your mind far enough, you might be able to glimpse this unified thing that is EVERYTHING... past, present, future... all of the entire Universe... all of the universes in the Multiverse... all possible iterations and dimensions of this infinitely large thing I like to call the Omniverse.

The impression of this thing conveys a ridiculous amount of intelligence.  Self-organizing, fractally recursive, information saturated... cognition.  

This is a subjective view, certainly--in true constructivist epistemological fashion, we can only know things by creating.  In this case, we are creating a sense of infinite creativity.

Naturally, this is all taking place inside of ourselves.  Not in our our cells, per se... but in our minds.  

And, thus what we perceive is also a mind.  It is actually impossible for us to perceive anything that is not mind... or mindstuff.

The word entheogen is often used to describe a select and sacred class of plant and chemical substances that can create the most profound psychedelic effects on our human consciousness.  The word literally means "To create G*d within."  En  Theo Genesis.

However, this is what we do with or without the help of "drugs" all the time.  This is what we do merely by imagining what an Omniverse is.

A lot of very smart, rational, materialistic people have come to the conclusion that the physical universe they perceive is G*d... or as close to that verboten concept as they are willing to go.  Depending on how much personality they imbue into this idea, they call this pantheism, or pandeism.

Even very atheistic folk tend to see the Universe as a giant clockwork machine with laws and some modicum of intelligence.  This is the definition of pandeism.

However, for our purposes here... these terms do not go far enough.  After all, what lies outside of the Universe?  How did it come into being?  There must be a creative force that exists outside of this pantheistic conception in order for it to work, no?   

Thus, we have the philosophical idea of panentheism.  That G*d is both immanent and transcendent to the creation.  G*d is everything... but also beyond it.

This is a pretty cosmic idea.  It is reflected in most mystical traditions, spoken of in Vedanta, Qaballah... hinted at in any number of religious works.

But for me, it still falls a bit short.  

How, you may ask, can something that includes all & everything, and transcends itself fall short?

Well, it is locked up in our conception of pan (all).  

It is simply not hyper-infinite enough the way we have conceived of it 'til now.  In order to truly embrace the utter awesomeness of the multi-dimensional, holographic, dreamtime wonderment that spawns multiverses for breakfast, and continues to impregnate itself with novelty in every nanosecond... while being completely transcendent of time, space and limitation of any kind... we need a bigger word.

Thus Omnientheism™. 

Yep.  I just commercialized the all & everything.  Deal with it.


To wrap this little essay up with a bow, I will conclude that we can only be truly happy when we are being Omnientheistic. [This word must always be capitalized]  

The more awareness of novelty the better.
We can be intentional or not.  Dual, non-dual... even achieve the pinnacle of voidness... but we are only beamingly happy when we are creating.  Even if that creation is merely the momentary picture of perfection in our minds. 

People build very complicated mental constructs to hold back the tide of love and joy that is their essence... and then when they finally manage to create a fleeting illusion of lovelessness, and a dry piece of joyless land... then they cry about how unfair it is that they are not happy!

Joy is the fundamental nature of the Universe... you have to work very hard to make it seem that it is not so.  We call this hard work seriousness.

You can't be accidentally unhappy.  It takes effort.

You want to be happy?  You want to be joyously fulfilled and achieve your ultimate potential?   All you have to do is relax, and use your mind to co-create with the mind that spawned you.  Really... it is that simple.

And if you're still too ego-stuck for that... there is always entheogens.

All respect. One-Love...

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