Monday, October 31, 2016

Autumn, Time & Semantics

A Continuation Of The Thoughts From The Last Post...

Why it is that the fall is more conducive to pondering... and specifically to thoughts of time and its passing? 

Augustus Caesar
Obviously, the fall foliage is nature's most striking reminder of time, seasons, cycles and the passing of yet another year.

But there is another reason for me.

One that affects all of us in the Western World... and most anyone who deals with us this time of year.

And, that is: the rather glaring psychic disconnect in our Calendar that starts in September and goes through until Winter starts. If the Autumn has always seemed surreal to you, at least a part of that might be because for these 4 month, we lie to ourselves every day, all day... and live in the shadow of an epic ancient ego trip.

?? ‽ ‼ 

(Don't worry, I will explain.)