Saturday, September 30, 2017


Change in Velocity divided by Duration (Change in Time)

Acceleration noun
1  an increase in how fast something happens
2  the rate at which a vehicle increases speed
3  the rate at which the velocity (= speed in a particular direction) of an object changes

I am certainly not alone in noticing that this year has been mind-blowing. If you, reading this, have not experienced this frenetic sense of change coupled with a consistent, unrelenting pressure from both inner and external alchemical processes... pressure which has driven a good number of people to the brink of losing their minds, and resulted in a reality that seems absurd to the point of ridiculousness most of the time (when you're not too overwhelmed with the process to pay attention), I don't know if we live on the same planet.  :-)

It is not just that things are moving quickly.  Things have been moving quickly.  Things are accelerating.