Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fixing The System

Alex Grey's fabulous "Tree of Life"

Well, I've been a busy little beaver.

And... things are still massively underway. Where does the time go?

Don't you just hate rhetorical questions?


 Anyway, this week I was published on a very cool site called They asked me to contribute an essay on the subject of:

"How Might The Global Economy Be Redesigned For The Better?"

A heavy question no doubt.

And yet, on the heels of my experience with TED, I gave it a go.

Curious creatures can peruse the article as it was published HERE.

I suppose I could port the essay over and re-publish it on this blog for those of you too lazy to click a link, but I guess I will refrain for now.  If anyone wants to comment on the article direct to me (rather than on the site it was published on)... please do.  I wouldn't even mind an argument at this moment.


If the link goes down, and you are curious as to what I actually said, let me know and I can always put the original "unedited" version up here for your delight.

This is not sarcasm.  All of you fellow writers out there know that people often make minute (but very noticeable to the author) changes to our work when they publish it.  It is just the way things go...

Many people are not as big fans of ellipses as I happen to be.

I hope you are all enjoying this total lunar eclipse as much as I am.  Really, go outside and vibe with it if you are reading this as it comes online.  If you missed it, don't stress... there will be more.

OK, til next I post...

Glad of any comments...


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