Monday, July 23, 2012



There are times in one's life where the stability and miserability one comes to expect in "normal" living----> vanish in thin air.   

It is in these rarefied gasps that one realizes that one is approaching a Crossroads.  

Between slogs of Absynth and trying to roll an American Spirit (with or without additives) one-handed, while fumbling with an electric bike in some fantastic corner of creation, it is possible to stop... 

And look cross-eyed at the nearest signpost, map, gps, google app or whatever you happen to have handy, and try to get some semblance of a bearing.

These are magical moments. 


It is in these awkward times, that we can take stock of what we have accomplished (however sordid and tawdry that might seem to be) and look forward. Boldly deciding which-every-way we will take this comical side-freak-show.

Forget Fear & Loathing... &
Dive straight into Abandon & Going-With-The-Flow

Because, it is clear that the Universe is not through with you.   It still has plenty of dramatic delights to pile onto your miserable head.


Once again, it is time to reinvent yourself.

This is what the crossroads of life are for.  If you are aware enough, you just might be able to taste the infinity of possibility that is staring you in the 4am face.  Truly.  It is in these times of transition that you can actually do anything.  

Literally anything is possible.

Your girl left you?
Your boss fired you?
Your asshole neighbors finally figured out how to force you to move....

These are the times in life that you can go Anywhere.  

Grow a soul patch and move to a commune on Gomera?  Learn to levitate with a nameless sadhu in a cave 5 days hike from the farthest point in Bhutan?

You can do it.

You can do anything.

Change your name, move to Patagonia, and become the most intense tango dancing sheepherder this side of the Pantanal...

"Take those broken wings and learn to fly."

Turn that wisdom key, because
"You were only waiting for this moment to be free."

Fact is, that every breath we take is this kind of crossroads moment.  We pretend it isn't, but it is.

Whether or not you have recently hit the bottom rock of whatever well you were drilling, the truth is, that we are always staring into that abyss.  We are always peering over the edge of a gnarly crevasse in the universal glacier.


Where to go?

What should we do when faced with the opportunity to go anywhere?  All directions arch endlessly from this moment.

Go left now, and your entire life will be different.

We've gotta try to see a little further...

Look down each road, and see if we want to walk it.

Projecting our minds into every conceivable alternative reality we can devise... we can taste the air, test drive the scooter... and then... at some random point that seems momentous...

We decide!

We choose something.


Something that makes us feel alive... or more likely, we just keep going on straight ahead..

However dull and retarded our current path may be, it is always easier to continue on in whatever misguided venture you find yourself in, than it is to turn...  to actually choose to change gears.

Anyway.  I hope you who read these words are of the courageous sort.  I hope you confront your next crossroads with wild frivolity and reckless passion. The world certainly doesn't need any more "straight ahead" ants following the chemical trail left for them by some other disgusting insect's anus... 

Appreciate your crossroads... and use them wisely.  The rest of your life is mostly auto-pilot, tidying up, and putting out fires.

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