Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Good For Your Soul

Music is good for the soul.

Without it, this place would be a mess...
Can you imagine?  

Heheheehehehe...  whatever it is that is currently gripping your dome -- wouldn't some savagely sweet tunes just loosen up your joint a bit?  It matters not what the matter is.  People will always rock your boat.  And defecation happens on the regular.

But isn't it just so true...  that there is always a collection of notes, some cluster of words and sounds that locks right into whatever you are experiencing.

Funny, that to bear something is synonymous with experiencing it.  Maybe bears are the prime experiential animals on the planet. They certainly know what's what.  They can dream for months, and they know that salmon and honey are worth getting outta bed for.


I hope you have some music that is lifting your mind-light to the top of it's pole.

If not, give me a shout, and I can rectify that situation for you.

Bear with me...

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