Thursday, August 18, 2016

Of Vortexes, Healing & Self Reinvention

View from Heart lake

Oh, to be in the flow and riding the crest of a wave. 

To leap with faith, and have no qualms about leaving your old self behind. To be blessed enough to have glimpsed the heavenly, and still get to shuffle the deck and play more earthly hands... in new casinos, with new friends.  Standing on your riverboat and sailing upstream, you can almost believe that you've lost those hellhounds that were on your trail.


"WTF is this guy on about?"  you may be thinking. 

I won't be elucidating the matter, because I would rather speak to you directly about healing.  I will refrain from apologizing for my utter lack of blogging for over a year.  I may never add another post here... I may take the entire thing down... or I may begin to use it as intended. 

Whatever the case may be, whatever the future holds for me... one thing is clear: Everything is constantly reinventing itself.