Friday, May 4, 2012

Number Nine

The Number Nine

Ahhh... the 9th post.

For those unfamiliar with the mystical number 9, even the Wikipedia page on it reveals its magical nature.   One need not even peruse esoteric sources to see that, in a base 10 number system, this digit is unique.  Pay particular attention to the mathematics of the number, as well as the cultural & religious aspects.  Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, J.R:R. Tolkein, and the Bible are just a few peeps who fixated on the numerology of this number... and of course, we can't forget John Lennon and this little gem from the Beatles' so-called White Album:

Seems like as good a place as any to introduce a little labor of love that I want to share with you.  Earlier in the blog I hinted about it, and intended to publish this a number of months ago... however, I became incredibly busy with pressing matters, and next to no one was even reading this blog.

In truth, I am happy to keep this little experiment in blogging a personal and intimate affair.

At any rate... I'm pleased to announce that I have, in fact, decided to give out the e-book version of a short but very potent little book I have penned called The Nines.  It is a condensation and distillation of the various yogic systems I have studied (Taoist, Vedic, Buddhist, Native, Modern and more) into a simplified 9 part practice.

No one in this modern world actually has time to really practice any of the internal arts properly.  These are methods of self-cultivation that required immense dedication.  Their practitioners were generally monks, shaman, sadhus and others who could devote all day, every day to their craft.  It was not uncommon to take 20 years of full-time practice to be considered a beginner.  Seriously.

I took it upon myself to condense the most essential and easy to practice aspects of the various "internal" arts, and wizard up a fairly simple regimen that gives amazing beneficial results while requiring a only a modicum of temporal investment.

Furthermore, I have decided to offer this freely to anyone who cares to take a moment to download a skimpy ebook and read it.  At some point, I will release this stuff further afield and let people order hard copies if they so wish... but I want to give this as a gift to all, because this stuff has given so much to me.

It annoys me that in this day & age, things of this nature are still relatively obscure and even kept secret.  Some might fault me for giving away some secrets and goodies that people are still happily lining up to pay good money for, but I feel I have earned the right to give away my personal cliff notes on these hoary and unwieldy tomes that the sages and mystics have handed down to us.

And so, I will post in the comment section here a link that all and sundry can use, misuse, or even abuse (so long as they don't alter the actual document) when at least a few of you express even an inkling of a desire in this regard (by leaving me some comments).

After all, if no one is reading this, then it would be simpler to just email this to those of you who want it.

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