Thursday, January 30, 2014

Black Super Moon

By the time I post this, we will be one hour away from the moment of new moon (9:46pm GMT), the second this month. This makes it a Black Moon. (opposite of a Blue Moon) To make it even more rare and groovy, both the New Year's Day new moon, and this Chinese New Years (year of the Green Wood Horse) new moon today are at their closest point to the Earth (perigee-syzygy) colloquially known as a Supermoon.

This new moon is likewise the start of the Korean New Year, and is known as Seollal there, where it will already be the 31st. New moons always symbolize beginnings, and most lunar calendars start their months on new moons. The symbolism of this is obviously compounded with the coinciding new years... and then amplified by the whole double lunar perigee thing.

This moon would actually be 14% bigger if you could see it.

Aside from being very neat and symbolic, what does all of this mean? I suppose that is for you to decide. What does any new year, or new month, mean?

If you are any kind of mystic, you will probably have your own set of ideas about this ├╝ber intensification of Dark Moon energy.  Many pagans, particularly Wiccans, feel that a Black Moon is the ideal time to do rituals or cast spells... that such invocations and intentions are "more powerful and effective" at this time. For such people, the fact that tonight is the eve of Imbolc (which starts at sundown tomorrow) might be even more suggestive.

Of course, pagans are not alone in their interest in ritual.  Many people feel that aligning their intentions, prayers and blessings with natural phenomena and days with heavy symbolism can be an asset.  Today is actually both...

Flying into the Year of the Horse!

All in all, there is quite a bit of symbolism pointing to rebirth and new beginnings here, and this is fine by me. In fact, it coincides rather nicely with a time when I happen to be truly starting a brand new chapter in my life, and literally starting from scratch in an entirely new environment. My personal situation couldn't match the cosmology more profoundly if it was scripted.

I won't ramble on about all this stuff. If you have any interest in any of these things, I am sure you can find plenty to read on these old internets, but feel free to comment here and get a discussion going if you like.

I will just take the time to wish you all abundant blessings for this new time. May the coming cycles be healthier, happier, and more profoundly transcendent than any that have come before. A grounded and expanding success in all your endeavors.

Enjoy this odd cosmic moment in time.

If you are the type to make New Year's Resolutions, I suppose this is your second chance.


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