Saturday, July 28, 2012


Oh yeah!

It is the most awesome thing in creation when an awakened mind finds something to focus on, and determines that the dream being conjured is good..  

For at that incredible moment, the forces of novelty congeal, and the hidden mechanics of the Omniverse kick into gear.  

A lit mind is on a mission.

And come hell or high water, a dream will be made manifest.

These are the crystal instants when everything makes sense.

These are those rare ticks & tocks on the cosmic clock when something new is going to come into existence... consciously

Sure, this creation stuff happens literally all the time.  It is just that most people sleepwalk through it.  

Wake up my comrades.  Grab the tiller, and take control of the Dj Booth.  Occupy the dreamtime!  It is time to unleash the dope.

And if you know what I am talking about, you know that the dope doesn't get unleashed in drips & dribbles.  It comes in torrents, and floods minds, yoga mats and dancefloors in nonadjacent time zones.

If you are really doing it correctly, you will know it by the cheering coming from the hyperspace elves and the rumbling laughter of the dragons below.

Let it flow my brethren.  Let it fucking flow.

The height of one's accomplishments equals the depth of one's commitment.

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