Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not to be a tease...


As it seems I am still mostly talking to myself, I will just say that I have not forgotten about this blog, or considered reneging on my audacious promise to put some good stuff here for your perusal.

A comment or two would help to keep me from feeling as if I am shouting in the wind... or arbitrarily banging my head in a void (both practices I highly recommend by the way).

The Nines is coming.

I will post it here soon.

Perhaps, people will be inspired to add their wondrous thoughts to this page once this is done... perhaps not. It isn't as if I have been promoting this blog or expecting a massive outpouring of joy here.


That said, to tide you, who may read these words, over... I offer some of my other dalliances as party favors.  Please feel free to enjoy my new RADIO OMNIVERSE channel 2:  OMNIVERSAL MARRIAGE

It is a more lovey dovey mix of groovy tunes to delight and beguile.  Extra schmooze included free of charge.

Feel free to continue to enjoy the cosmic goodness of the main RADIO OMNIVERSE channel... of course.  This is just a nod to those who might wanna get cozy and vibe to some songs of love and light... in honor of the gloriously kozmik union that has gone down of late.  The mother & child reunion held on Rigel & Betelgeuse simultaneously, as the clear autumnal skies have been graced with meteor showers... and the fanciful, liltingly traipsing dance above the clouds in this local sector of Dreamlands.

If you catch my drift.

[JahSun was married to his Queen on 11/11/11 at 11:11 UT for those who didn't get the VIP invitation]

Thanks for all the congratulations....


Slowly drifting back down to material realms...

Creative juices have been flowing, and amazing ideations have been growing, so stay tuned for more wonderful nonsense direct from the heart of this word junkie and astral planner.

A rather boisterous conversation has been taking place on the TED forums, that I instigated along lines that many of us have been pondering.  It dovetails somewhat into my missive slash manifesto that is still being considered for publication by the very groovy peeps at Autonomedia.  I will probably wind up giving it up for free to any and all of you who might be interested to fly with this concept.  It is a marvelous call to arms that I call: We Can Do Better!

More to come.

Be bubbly and free my friends.  Enjoy and shine the lovelight that you hide so deep in your heart of hearts...

Thanks to
A. Andrew Gonzalez... for his Unio Mystica (picture above)... and much love to the light bringers.

JS out...

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